the only way that we can really begin to see, is in total darkness

I like to share below quote from Drunvalo – His books are a pleasure to read and food for thoughts.

Day of the Dead brings us all the way back to the bottom line. It is the place where life spirals into the dregs of decay, a vortex of disintegration where everything is reduced to nothing. In that space, the darkness reigns, looming large enough to trick us into thinking that it has the power to consume us. On a thousand different levels that’s how things look – until we remember this one simple truth;

the only way that we can really begin to see, is in total darkness.

Once we move past the veil that colors our surface impressions, the optic nerves touch down in a deeper kind of light.

Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Language of the heart

According to the Bible mankind spoke one language before the fall of Babylon. And humans could even speak with the animals with that language. After Babylon humankind was spilt into hundreds of spoken languages creating barriers, separation and mistrust among us. But do you realize we can still speak this language today? It is the language of the heart.

Did you know;
-scientists have discovered the heart has its own brain?
-the hearth has the most powerful electromagnetic field than any other organ in the body?
-when a baby is conceived the human heart begins to beat before the brain is formed?
-you are what you choose to think…

Nowadays it seems the greatest religion is science and the logic of the mind. The mind has hidden the power of the heart, and the ability to speak thru it, for thousand of years. By using the tinking process and logic your mind will keep you inside your head. But please be aware that human spirit is separate from the body and can move thru our body. It can leave the location of the head and mind and enter in the completely altered consciousness of the heart, and speak through it.

Let your heart speak!

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Glue of society

Key facets of human society are political, economic, military, scientific, educational, technological, religious and social behavior. All these facets elaborate with our daily lives.

What is current glue of society or what do these facets have in common?
What is behind it, could they be part of some kind of master plan or “control grid”?
Why are conspiracies so popular, should one even consider them?
Is it more convenient to act ostrich-like?
Will mankind achieve mortality through sciences and technology?
How do these questions relate to peace of mind and the spiritual world?

Most ancient text on the control grid can be found in the Bible in the story of Adam and Eve.
“Do not eat from the tree of knowledge and good and evil”.

I guess we did eat, driven by our nature to discover, our openness and vulnerability to be mislead.

Did you discover your role in society yet?

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(re)thinking transhumanity

With transhumanity I mean the seamless integration of technologies with the human body.
Electronics connected to the human brain to eliminate uncontrolled movements caused by Parkinson’s. Or to control an exoskeleton or partly prostheses to make paralyzed people walk again or even give the blind visual sight.

Some people think transhumanity is the next step in our evolution.
Others see human evolution more as a process of enlightenment, were we can reach a purely spiritual level of existence without the need for technology or a body to interact with the physical world.

Imagine if we would integrate silicon memory with our brains to get real time access to all languages, cultural behaviors and the human history to help make better decisions.

Isn’t history written, changed and manipulated by the conquerers of the past?
Who will decide what information to load into the transhuman brain?
What is the quality of that information?

What would happen with the freedom of our thoughts and the way we perceive life?
Aren’t we what we choose to think…..

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A prison for your mind

Do you realize….??
-majority of people are watching TV every day.
-TV is the greatest mind control device known to humanity.
-studies connect watching TV with attention and consciousness issues, bad behavior and violence.

Do you want to make up your own mind?
-dramatically shorten watching or switch of your TV.
-search for information and real news at non-profit and/or independent sites.
-read books, discuss with others and make up your own mind.

In the end we are what we choose to think.
Make sure to choose the thoughts that make you feel good 😉

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Bird flu coming to us?

A good friend pointed me to a YouTube message “We suspect a Human To Human Airborne H7N9 Variant has been detected by the USG”.
– U.S. Government Department of Health & Human Services [DHHS] just released a statement it will use the Presidential Emergency Alert System [EAS] for a Pandemic Flu Emergency televised broadcast
– two days ago the FCC put out notice seeking immediate broadcaster comments the first and only test run of EAS
– DHHS released a solicitation to purchase SPROUT Social Media to help them TWEET to the public
– TWITTER announce it is activating its Emergency Alert System to allow Government Organizations to TWEET messages in time of emergency

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DNA a spiritual antenna that bridges body and mind

There are plenty of sources stating human DNA transforms into a light pattern that has all active Universal codes in total harmonic frequency. It is like how a catipillar transitions into a new state of being and becomes a butterfly. The human genome is about to activate and vibrate at a new frequency.

We know about 1 per cent of the human genome contains gene regions that code for proteins, raising the question of what the rest of the DNA (aka junk DNA) is doing.

David Wilcock explains in his book “The Source Field Investigations” we influence/program junk DNA with our mind, our thoughts.

Apparently DNA acts as a human antenna that resonates on Universal Consciousness and human mind.

Isn’t life wonderful….

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